Monday, September 29, 2008

eegah answer #2

Dearest Eegah,
It's saskewatch-fucker again. Thanks for the quick response, I thought I was the only one into eating shaving cream. Well, I have this group of "friends" who watch this show, we'll call it "anti-justin" and recently I have felt really unattached to the group because of it. All conversation leads to "anti-justin". Now they are planning entire soirees without inviting me! I know you've been uninvited before Eegah and could help me! P.S. weren't you shot in the back?

Desperately Seeking Susan,

Eegah happy he could help. Eegah knows how it feels to be alone. Eegah have no friends for 400 years! Eegah finally find friend and yes, Eegah get shot and fall in pool. Want to come over to Eegah cave? Eegah have rock seat and sulfur water.


P.S. Please don't rearrange Eegah's family.

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