Sunday, September 28, 2008

eegah smart

eegah learn computer. eegah blog.


Rip said...

Dear Eegah,
I don't have anyone else to talk to about this and I knew you would listen. Im in love with a saskewatch. I have been attempting to shave him for the past week though I'm going through razors like nobody's business. I know the large abdominal woman shaved your beard lickedy split with her father/lover's razor. Is there a special neanderthal shaving kit I am unaware of? Oh, and love the art! Keep it up and let me know if there will be an gallery showings! ( especially the one of girl in car, so good!)


Rip said...

Dearest Eegah,
It's saskewatch-fucker again. Thanks for the quick response, I thought I was the only one into eating shaving cream. Well, I have this group of "friends" who watch this show, we'll call it "anti-justin" and recently I have felt really unattached to the group because of it. All conversation leads to "anti-justin". Now they are planning entire soirees without inviting me! I know you've been uninvited before Eegah and could help me! P.S. weren't you shot in the back?

Desperately Seeking Susan,